Introducing Contributing Writer Becky Pearson

We’ve been introducing you to the help we’ve added to Somewhere in the City. We’ve noticed as we started to grow and our interviews got more official that we needed to add to our team. We just needed to find the right fit for us here at SitC. We found one contributing writer we know you’ll agree should be a part of us. Let me introduce you to Becky Pearson.


Becky is currently enrolled at UNF for a degree in English with a minor in Education. So you can probably take a good guess that she loves writing. You guessed WRITE, I mean, Right! Becky has her own book in the works and keeps up to date with her own personal blog. She is a huge advocate of our local writing community at Left on Mallory. She loves writing so much, we knew she’d be a great addition to the team. Some of us know her behind the scenes of the blog, and let us tell you, her writing voice is her voice in real life: speaking with confidence and quirkiness. Pearson won’t be a Pearson much longer as she’ll be changing her name in November. ;) We can’t wait for you to get to know Becky, or as we like to call her, “Berecky,” more through her interviews and reviews out of Jacksonville.

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