On Guard // Music Monday [UNF Post]

By Cortlyn Stovall

It takes passion and dedication to make a band work, both of which the

members of On Guard have plenty of and it shows.

Despite their busy schedules, every Wednesday night all four members of the

local band meet at Warehouse Studios to collaborate on new, inventive projects and

practice their harmonic rhythms for upcoming shows.


Vocalist Nick Klimchak and drummer Alex Lingafelt started the band in

November 2012 and have managed to take the Jacksonville music scene by storm

ever since. Adding to the group guitarist Jairo Lobusta and Aaron May on bass, On

Guard has successfully released its self-titled EP and shot its first music video within

the past year.

But On Guard is more than just the name of this band; it’s a lifestyle for its

members. One that didn’t start off as easy as they’d hoped.

“It was a lot of sitting around and not being satisfied with anything,” said

Lobusta. “We had a lot to get ready for and a show coming up and then it hit me.

We’re On Guard. It’s the sense of being ready. We just have to keep on keeping on.”


All four members bring their own musical background and inspiration to

the table that range from indie pop to heavy metal. So what genre does On Guard

consider itself?

“We’re not indie rock and we’re not alternative rock. I guess you could say

we’re indie rock alternative,” said Klimchak.


Despite their different musical backgrounds, the band members say they

share similar tastes in music. Each of them brings their own twist to make up On

Guard’s soulful expression.

“We’ve been compared to Incubus and I sometimes hear that in our melodies.

Nick brings a really awesome element, too. He sings his heart out and not a lot of

bands are doing that these days,” Lobusta said. “He’s really soulful.”


As for the future, touring seems to be in the band’s future. Over the past

year, the band has performed shows in the urban core of Jacksonville and at venues

like the Atticus Bar and Burro Bar. On Guard plans to take to the state’s roads next

to extend its fan base beyond the First Coast. By May, band members hope to be

touring the nation.


Their touring dreams are based upon possible funding from a local festival

where start-ups can gain financial help.

“We’re hoping to use One Spark, the crowd-funding festival, to help pay

for it,” Lingafelt said. “Last year we were able to pay for our merchandise with the

money we got from One Spark.”


Be sure to check out On Guard’s solid lineup of upcoming shows within

the next few months including December 13 at the Atticus Bar in downtown

Jacksonville. To find when and where to see On Guard, like its Facebook page and

check out its website to stream the new five-song EP.




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