Guest Post// Christine Marie

Sometimes, opportunities come along unexpectedly to blossom into more than you could ever hope for and that is exactly what happened to Christine Marie.

CM 1

Christine Marie is the local owner of Sucre Sucre, a business that sells sugar scrubs. “Sucre” is the French root word for sugar and it fits well with the name of her business that is blooming in our town. She is a Jacksonville native, born and raised on the Intracoastal. She is accustomed to the hot and humid weather that also ebbs and flows with the dry, cooler weather during the fall and winter seasons. Her battle with eczema inspired her to make a product to aid her sensitive skin using all natural ingredients.

Her dream began in high school but the timing was not right. Fast forward to today. Going on 29 in December, her dreams have turned into a reality. She researched ingredients to combine to create her sugar scrubs with the original intent of making them for her personal use. She had to make the recipe in a batch, however, so she gave out the sugar scrubs as gifts to friends. She did not expect them to be a huge hit.


“Everyone came up with the same conclusion, they all encouraged me to make more and sell it,” Christine recalls. She seeks the Lord in everything she does, therefore, she prayed about it before actively pursuing the business. The Lord opened the door and she opened her business in January. The timing and the opportunity came together perfectly.“Creating this product is my creative outlet, I did not expect it to turn into a business but I prayed about it and it brought about amazing friends. I’m thankful for it every day.” She takes her business day-by-day. Aside from Sucre Sucre, she balances her work as a nanny.  She says, “I’m blessed because they are family to me. They are so loving and supportive.”  She is grateful that she is able to manage her two loves simultaneously which makes her aware of the difficulty with juggling hectic schedules. “With our culture, everyone seems constantly rushed. I understand how busy we can get,” she states. This is why she desires to deliver a product that will allow people to cleanse and rejuvenate their skin while taking time to slow things down.

CM close up

Another goal she has is to reach out and give back to the community. “I just want to share the love of Christ.” She participated in One Spark to help achieve that goal. “I was honored to be a part of One Spark, it was a blessing to meet locals face-to-face. Everyone was supportive and open-minded.” She explains that her initial purpose through her business is “to share what Jesus did on the cross, that these sugar scrubs are a sweet reminder of how He washed away our sins if we believe and trust in Him. That newness we feel every time we use it is a reminder of His grace and love for us, to slow things down and talk to Him.”

One Spark

Growing up here, she has seen Jacksonville go through various changes. She is thrilled to be a part of the growth. She appreciates the feel of a “big city, small town” that Jacksonville offers but she also has an adventurous spirit, having traveled to numerous countries. Her love for Jacksonville grows as she gets older, proudly saying, “This will always be my hometown.”

CM with basket

Although her business shows no signs of slowing down, she remains humble when I inquire about her future outlook for it. “All I desire is to follow Christ, where ever He calls me to go, I‘ll go.”

I do not know what it takes to create her sugar scrubs but it is no secret that Christine’s sweet personality and glow reflects in her products. She radiated with her passion for her business as we sat in Lillie’s Coffee Bar. When asked how she plans to celebrate the approaching one-year anniversary, with a smile, she answered, “Get cupcakes and blow out a candle.”

Photograhy by Lindsey Tropf and One Spark photo by Amiel Orpiano

If you would like to learn more about Sucre Sucre, contact Christine Marie on Facebook.


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