Feature Friday // UNF Applied Journalism

Untitled-1If you follow us on social media at all you know that we mentioned a few times working  with a class at UNF. We always want to express our gratitude when opportunities come to us through operating Somewhere in the City! Seriously, we’re thankful and feel like we’re doing things right here when people reach out to us.

Ok, ok, ok so the time is finally here to share with everyone what we’re doing at UNF. Professor Paula Horvath found our blog and contacted us back in the beginning of August. She sent us an email explaining about how the students in her Applied Journalism class write for different publications around the city. We didn’t know what she was asking from us exactly but we knew it sounded big. We responded quickly!

Morgan and I sat down with Ms. Paula to find out exactly what she was looking for and between the three of us, we brainstormed! Paula wanted to put Somewhere in the City onto the syllabus, which meant we’d go into her class and speak about our experience with the blog and potential collaboration. We laughed a little afterwards. Who knew that in starting this blog, we’d end up being guest speakers in a university’s class? Then it hit us that we’d be going in and speaking to a group of 20 people. Two introverts who power stance before each interview probably wasn’t going to cut it, we knew we needed Daniel!

A couple of weeks ago, the three of us went and talked to the Applied Journalism class about Somewhere in the City- who we are, what we’re doing, and where we see ourselves going. Some may not find that impressive, but we rather enjoyed ourselves and can add this to the accomplishments we’ve reached through this blog.


Finally, our collaboration with the class is for them to start seeing their neighborhoods a little bit differently- and to blog their experience. Each student will create their own posts through Tumblr and we’ll be creating a tab for you to follow all of them. As soon as October starts we’re going to start introducing you to each student and their Tumblr. They’ll tell you a little bit about themselves and what their view point is for their individual blog.

So please, as we start to introduce you to each student, let’s welcome them to the blog and encourage their work! We’ve already got sneak peaks into each students’ work and we’re excited to see where they each take it.


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